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On September 12 I went to a meeting of the Singkawang Association 山口洋地區鄉親會. It also called Permasis in Indonesian.
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This meeting was set up by Mr. Hartono, 李伯巧, whom Aimee introduced me to the first week I was in Jakarta. As noted below, I did not know what to expect before I went to the meeting. I thought I would speak with just a few people. Instead, it was a meeting of the association as a whole that was arranged to accommodate my schedule. I was overwhelmed. They spoke Mandarin at the meeting for my benefit. I asked afterward how they normally conducted meetings, and Fuidy Luckman, who was very nice to me, said they spoke a mixture of Hakka and Indonesian.

Fortunately that morning I took time to do an overall analysis of the interviews, counting the number of marriages with Taiwanese men discussed by participants involving themselves (women) or a close family member. The total is 22,…

My Publications

Recently my University of Oklahoma webpage was deactivated. Since I have adjunct status with OU, I am able to reactivate it. But it will take me some time and is a task for later.

One item that I would like to make public, and is difficult to do with the University of Macau website--I do not have personal control over it--is my CV and list of publications. Using Dropbox I am able to present this information publicly and post it to this blog. Those interested in some of my work may access this using the following:

Todd Sandel's CV--2014

Select Publications
Sandel, T. L. (2014). “Oh,I’m here!”: Social media’s impact on the cross-cultural adaptation of students studying abroad. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. 43(1), 1-29. Sandel, T. L., Wong Lowe, A., & Chao, W-Y. (2012). What does it mean to be Chinese?: Studying values as perceived by Chinese immigrants to the United States and by their children. In S. J. Kulich, M. H. Prosser, & L. P. Weng (Eds.), Value frame…

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