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Bangkok Musings

I have not posted in sometime. Those interested in a Holiday/Christmas greeting and pictures may see it HERE. The three of us went to Bangkok last week. It was an enjoyable trip. However, there was an electrical failure of the "skytrain" system on Tuesday that made getting around the city difficult. We were also advised not to go into areas of the city where protests were occurring. Yet we were able to get to the places we wanted to see. The National Palace in Bangkok is magnificent! We also enjoyed the aquarium. A disappointment was a trip to see the "floating market" and elephant ride. We paid for a private taxi driver who took us to places that charged too much, and the venues were of very poor quality. After spending a few unhappy hours there, we returned to Bangkok early. We then went to the market near the MoChin stop and found an excellent shopping area. Donna is already looking at a return visit--and a trip to the Huahin beach--suitable for families.