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Environmental Problems in Macau!

This morning, after taking my daughter to school, I returned by climbing the trail up to Taipa Park 大潭山. As I was walking along the section that is closest to the chimneys of the Incinerator, I came across dead frogs (toads?) on the trail. I did not count the exact number, but estimate around 20. All were fully grown and were healthy until recently. But they were all face down, dead, with excreted fluid coming out of their mouths. Here's a picture of one:

Other pictures can be found here

As I walked further down the trail, about 100 meters from where I saw the first frog/toad, I didn't see anymore.

If anyone knows why they died, or what could have caused their deaths, it would be appreciated.

Brides on Sale Chapter Preview

It's been very warm here in Macau, although the weather started to cool off today. Based upon records that I could find from WeatherUnderground, we had record high temperatures three days in a row. While parts of the US are cold, here in Asia we are experiencing a warm winter.

I just finished writing four chapters for my book: Foreign Brides on Sale. These chapters have been sent to a publisher for review, and hopefully a contract will be forthcoming. For those interested in a preview, here are links to the Introduction and Chapter One. Feedback is appreciated!

Happy New Year to Everyone!