Donald Trump sees himself as god/king!!

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show did an excellent job analyzing the performance of Stephen Miller on the Sunday shows in the US. Toward the end, at 5:20 of the clip, Noah explained:

"His [Miller's] Sunday show appearance wasn't designed to persuade anyone or argue about facts, it was about pledging allegiance to an audience of One! And it worked. Because immediately after his appearance, Don Trump tweeted:

Congratulations Stephen Miller - on representing me this morning on the various Sunday morning shows. Great job!"

It is not a stretch to see how Trump sees himself--as king of the US. Truth, service to the American people, morality--none of these matter to Donald Trump. The only thing that matters is fealty to him, his image, and his desires. This is what a king wants. Or more accurately, I should say that this is what the despotic king wants. The good king (and there are still good kings in this world--the King of Bhutan for one) would never act like this. But the despotic king desires such praise, adulation, and blind obedience.

To understand how Trump sees himself as god, I need to explain how gods are understand in Chinese folk religion. In Macau, Hong Kong, and across Taiwan, many temples hold annual performances on important days, such as the birthday of a deity. I recently saw one such performance in Taipa Village, Macau, in front of the "North God" 北地公 temple. It was a Chinese opera (Cantonese), performed by actors dressed in vibrant, beautiful costumes, depicting stories that have been passed down for generations. I have seen many other such performances in Taiwan. If done well, they will be watched and enjoyed by many people in the community.

But as explained in documentary on Chinese folk religion, The Long Search: Taoism, A Question of Balance, produced by the BBC decades ago, the primary audience of such performances is not the people who watch them. Rather, these are performed for the god. If performed well, the deity of the temple may be pleased, and then it is believed this god will bless the community and devotees of the temple.

With this in mind, you can now see how Donald Trump sees himself. When "his people" perform, they are doing it in order to please him--the deity Donald Trump. If Trump is pleased by the performance, he then will bless his followers, those who please him, or perhaps it is not a stretch to say those who worship him.

This is a true perversion of the norms of American democracy. I do hope and pray that the American people wake up and see the deception and lies of this evil man. Stop treating him as god/king!


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